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Meet Jim Stewart and Sweet Peach Records !

November 18, 2019
It’s time you readers meet one of Australia’s most iconic record labels from the 1970’s – that’s right, it’s Sweet Peach Records! With iconic artists like Fraternity, Doug Ashdown, and Lee Conway, we at Blue Pie have quite the legacy on our hands growing new revenue streams for the catalogue. It’s an important contribution to the musical world, so this warrants documenting. Sweet Peach records started in Adelaide in the 1970s, founded by producer Jimmy Stewart, and and Denis Whitburn at Adelaide’s Gamba Studios. Musician Doug Ashdown also lent a helping hand, and without him, the sheer amount of killer…

Bon Scott and Peter Head get discovered all over again with 110k views on “Round And Round And Round” !

April 16, 2019
Death can't contain Bon Scott's incredible popularity! He will forever be alive in the hearts of passionate musical Australians everywhere, and we have the stats to prove just that to any doubters in the audience! That's right, Peter Head and Bon Scotts song "Round And Round And Round", has just hit over 110 thousand views on the Blue Pie Records YouTube channel, and it's still growing! Bon Scott achieved so much in such a short space of time and he would ultimately go on to be the lead singer fronting AC/DC, the greatest rock and roll band in the world.…

ACDC Classic Rock Special Edition

September 1, 2017
Looking For Bon gets featured in the ACDC Classic Rock Special Edition for September 2017. Check out the story on the documentary and all things Bon and ACDC. A great feature for the team.

The Death of Bon Scott

February 19, 2016
Bon Scott was found dead on Feb. 19, 1980. The AC/DC frontman had been out drinking with friends – but the casual evening took a terrible turn as Scott passed out in his car, and ultimately choked to death on his own vomit. He was only 33 years old. "For us, it was like losing a member of your family," guitarist Angus Young said in a subsequent interview. "It's very, very difficult to go through something like that. Not only is it your friend, it's also somebody you've been working with all that time." AC/DC had been a band on…

HeadBand Gets New Website – Lands Placements in the New Looking For Bon Soundtrack !

November 7, 2015
The new website for HeadBand is now live and provides a great history of the band and their musical achievements. The new Planet Blue Pictures " Looking For Bon " documentary will feature key tracks from the band's album " A Song For Tooley ". More details about the film and all the news can be found at Earlier this year there were 4 un-released tracks discovered by the band and they have now been released on a special EP called the lost tracks. You can check the details out in the new release section of the Blue Pie site.…

Fraternity’s ground breaking debut album ” Live Stock ” sees new life with original artwork !

October 15, 2015
Fraternity are one of Australia’s greatest ProRock bands to emerge from the early 1970’s. Featuring the incredible vocal talents and stage presence of Australia’s legendary rock and roll front man, Bon Scott. This was the band that cut Bon’s rock teeth to a razor sharp edge. It is more than likely that without the influence of his good friend Peter Head and his band HeadBand this venture into the worlds of progressive rock and experimenting with sounds, instruments and what can only be regarded as headonistic rock tunes, would probably never have happened. On Fraternity’s Live Stock album, Bon lets…

Bon Scott’s Pre AC/DC Bandmates Shares Vintage Letters From Late Singer

December 23, 2014
Bon Scott died from alcohol poisoning on Feb. 15, 1980, just as AC/DC was beginning work on ack In Black, the album that made them arguably the biggest hard rock act in the world in the '80s. In the subsequent years, as songs like “You Shook Me All Night Long” and the title cut became ubiquitous anthems on classic rock radio, and AC/DC’s stature exploded. More than that, the legend of Scott and his vocals on several AC/DC classics “ Highway To Hell,” “Whole Lotta Rosie” and “T.N.T.” grew as well.

Former wife of AC/DC front man Bon Scott says drunken motorbike crash CHANGED his voice… and made him a superstar

September 30, 2014
Bon Scott is an undisputed legend of Australian music but that may have never been the case but for a terrible motorbike crash. Irene Thornton, his wife of two years and lifelong friend, has just released a tell-all book on their tumultuous time together, based on 15 never-before published letters by the rocker. On the night of May 3, 1974, he sped off on in a drunken rage and was flung from his motorbike. He very nearly died, and spent almost a month in hospital, but Irene says after the accident 'his voice didn't sound the same'. Click here to…

Round and Round and Round with a special iTunes booklet !

March 12, 2014
Round and Round and Round is digially brought to live with a special iTunes booklet. The booklet covers the background on the recordings and the labour of love that was put in by " Ted the Head " who produced the record with Peter Head and an amazing team. Blue Pie Records media team and Damien Reilly worked to compile and collect all the background notes for this special release.

Peter Head featured in Classic Rock Magazines !

February 19, 2014
Peter Head gets featured with his old mate Bon Scott in Classic Rock Magazines March 2014 issue. You can read the full story about his adventures with Bon and the songs they wrote together.