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Bon Scott and Peter Head get discovered all over again with 110k views on “Round And Round And Round”

May 24, 2019
Death can’t contain Bon Scott’s incredible popularity! He will forever be alive in the hearts of passionate musical Australians everywhere, and we have the stats to prove just that to any doubters in the audience! That’s right, Peter Head and Bon Scotts song “Round And Round And Round”, has just hit over 110 thousand views on the Blue Pie Records YouTube channel, and it’s still growing!

Peter Head speaks to Classic Rock Magazine about life with Bon Scott before ACDC

February 25, 2014
Peter Head, founder and keyboard player for HeadBand and founder of the Mount Lofty Rangers, has spoken to Classic Rock Magazine with Bon Scott before AC/DC for the March 2014 issue. As Peter says; ”This life was not a boring one in the slightest. Although Scott’s career was short with the Mount Lofty Rangers, four months and 12 gigs to be exact, it was one full of success and adoration”. Scott’s career ended after a biking accident put him in a coma for three days, which was sparked by heavy drinking and a raging temper. Head recalls the phone call he received and the nearly fatal state Scott was in, “We didn’t go see him for a few days cos’ he was in intensive care and they didn’t know if he was going to live”.

Peter Head and Bon Scott tell it like it was in 1974 ….rock and roll, a few drinks and a F*&^%$#@ good time …check out the December issue of UNCUT Magazine now

February 13, 2014
The December 2013 issue of Uncut Magazine features a great story from Peter Watts, detailing the history of the legendary Bon Scott and his time with the Australia’s most iconic rock band AC/DC. With insights from close friend and fellow rock artist Peter Head, the article presents the front man of AC/DC as a ‘proper showman’ who would do whatever it took to give his audience an electrifying and contagious experience.

Blue Pie Records announces the Worldwide Release of Round and Round and Round, a rare music video archive of legendary AC/DC frontman Bon Scott

December 5, 2013
Round and Round and Round written by Peter Head was recorded in 1974 with The Mount Lofty Rangers, a band that, along with Bon, has fostered Aussie legends Jimmy Barnes and Glenn Shorrock. “Bon recorded Round and Round and Round in the first 8 Track studio in Adelaide, just a few weeks before Bon was to embark on his historic journey as vocalist with the newly formed AC/DC”, recounts Peter Head. Almost 22 years later in 1996, Peter Head and Sydney musician Ted Yanni made a pact to resurrect Bon’s vocal with a new backing track.