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Elise Mae Lewis

Forensic Royalty Specialist

Elise is a Forensic Royalty Specialist for both Blue Pie and Ordior, and works in both the forensics field and the content coding field, making sure our catalogue is distributed to the world. The majority of the time, she works to ensure that the rights management of our catalogue is managed appropriately, and that the royalties earned in its circulation are delivered to the appropriate parties. A calm individual, she loves music and is very keen to get all the gears behind the scenes of the industry running smoothly.

Elise has had quite a storied career, spanning across many different financial eras and industries. In the 80s she acted as a Secretary/Receptionist at both Sheaffer Pen Textron and Parramatta Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Centre, then in the 90s she moved into the Westmead Children’s Hospitals as Executive Assistant to Director of Clinical Genetics. In the 2000s she worked as Office Manager in Bowral’s Walker Street General Practice, and supervised a team of seven staff members, along with managing her many other duties. From 2007 until 2015, she transitioned into working as the Business/Administrative Support to the Group Manager in Planning Development & Regulatory Services at the Wingecarribee Shire Council. Throughout this experience, she was tasked with a great many number of duties, and was required to exercise a long list of skills from communication to strategic. After this, she worked for approximately a year as a Purchasing Officer/Contracts Admin at New Berrima’s Boral Cement. She was trained extensively throughout her many jobs, and picked up a great deal of IT knowledge – all of which can be applied to her new simultaneous roles at Blue Pie and Ordior. She possesses solid computer and database skills including: Property and Rating, Finance 1, Dataworks, Kronos, Microsoft Suite, Outlook, and Intranet/Internet.

Throughout her career, Elise has demonstrated a strong work-flow ability, as well as a knack for maintaining processes and procedures. She is exceptionally analytical and skilled at multi-tasking, and will pursue any goal she is required to perform with efficiency. With the schedules she creates for herself in her duties, the highest priority tasks are always comprehensively dealt with, and despite the stress-inducing level of data she has to sort through on a daily basis, she is always focused and ready to learn any new skills she may need. Her long list of skills and experiences are certain to come in handy when working at our partnered companies!