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Peter Head and Bon Scott tell it like it was in 1974 ….rock and roll, a few drinks and a F*&^%$#@ good time …check out the December issue of UNCUT Magazine now !

February 13, 2014

The December 2013 issue of Uncut Magazine features a great story from Peter Watts, detailing the history of the legendary Bon Scott and his time with the Australia’s most iconic rock and roll band AC/DC. With insights from close friend and fellow rock artist Peter Head, the article presents the frontman of AC/DC as a ‘proper showman’ who would do whatever it took to give his audience an electrifying and contagious experience.

Bon Scott’s musical experiences before he was part of AC/DC’S are not that widely known to the world. His ascent to superstardom and international recognition – from drumming with The Spektors which later merged into The Valentines, to the intense collaboration that was Fraternity and the Mount Lofty Rangers with Peter Head was an intense creative period.

Peter Head describes Bon as ‘easygoing’ compared to the dynamics of Fraternity, however he always enjoyed his drink just as much as the others. After several years of the classic rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle we learnt to admire through his lyrics, Fraternity broke up and for the first time in a decade, Bon Scott was without a band.

Coincidently, Peter Head had also just left Headband. As a result, Peter put together a part-time band called the Mount Lofty Rangers with Bon as vocalist. Head explains “we did country music because it was quick, easy and fun. After Fraternity he (Bon) wanted comic relief”. However, not long after the band formed, Scott found himself in a life threatening coma after a motorcycle accident. While Scott was recovering in hospital with broken ribs, a lacerated throat, smashed teeth and a broken collar bone, changes were taking place within AC/DC.

Eventually, Bon was invited to audition for the position of lead singer with AC/DC and the boys fell in love with his voice and charisma explaining “He was the missing link”.

Not only was Bon Scott the frontman and lead singer of AC/DC, bringing to the band a character that would never fail to ignite audiences, Bon proceeded to write possibly the most memorable lyrics in Australian rock and roll. With the band’s biggest album ‘Highway to Hell’ reaching the top 10 in the UK, the band were propelled into super stardom and worldwide adoration.

Sadly, in February of 1980, Scott was found dead after a night of heavy drinking in a club in Camden Town. It was a devastating loss for the Australian music industry and the world. After some deliberation, Scott was replaced with Brian Johnson, who had been recommended to the band by Bon himself. His first task was to record ‘Back in Black’ which featured an opening funeral bell in tribute to Scott. Mark Evans explained “Everyone loved him (Bon Scott). He was a gentleman, fun-loving, and great to be around.”

Fast forward to October 2013 and in tribute to Bon Scott, Head Office records are proud to release the recovered tracks from 1974, recorded by Peter Head together with Bon Scott. Bon recorded Peter’s song “Round and Round” in the first 8 Track studio in Adelaide just a few weeks before Bon was to embark on his historic journey as vocalist with AC/DC and the material was never released. Round and Round and Round digitally restored and mastered archive of Round and Round (1996), Round and Round (1974) and Carey Gully (1974) and the lost video of Round and Round and Round (1996) are available exclusively on iTunes for the world.

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