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Warwick Findlay – Bio

Warwick Findlay was the drummer for the Valentines during the band’s time in Perth. He is also an ex member of top West Australian band Ray Hoff & The Off Beats. At a barbecue he attended with his wife June, Warwick showed who the best drummer in WA was, and without further ado, he was inducted to the Valentines – Vince and Bon couldn’t let him go.

The band proceeded to then play their hearts out to impress their girlfriends in the small audience… how prophetic for times to come! They bonded over cigarettes, as was the custom at the time. It didn’t matter whether they were on the stage or in the audience, they were all smoking.

Warwick Findlay played drums for the Valentines from 1967-1968. He shared drinks and cigarettes with Bon Scott, as well as the stage and a particularly wild year of his life. The stories he’d have to tell are certain to scratch the rock’n’roll crazy party itch you have, no matter how long you’ve had it!