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Vicki Dobellis – Bio

Vicki Dobellis was a close friend of Irene Thornton, who is Bon Scott’s ex wife. The local venue Big Daddy’s in Town attracted all kinds of bands from across the country, including Fraternity, and so a connection was forged.

This connection would eventually lead to a big change: moving to another country. Both Vicki and Fraternity lived in the same house together, when the band were all staying in the UK, and would witness the band’s transformation into the Valentines. Vicki fondly recalls Vince and Bon playing in the Valentines. Her and her friends would come around to watch them play, and her and Irene would be involved in the party scene of the time. Vicki has first-hand experience of Bon Scott’s early years, and the perspective she provides in her interview helps paint a bigger picture of how we got from point A to point B.