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Steve Foster – Bio

Steve Foster was a well-known local Adelaide folk singer, songwriter, and friend of Bon Scott. An ex member of the Mount Lofty Rangers, Foster carried on the legacy of his time with Bon by being the only Adelaide act to play at Myponga. He has also been posthumously inducted to the South Australian Music Hall Of Fame.

Steve Foster got his start in the music industry by setting out into the big city from his small home town of Murray Bridge. He bumped into Peter Head, and then Bob Dylan, and many more stars after that as his star continued to rise. This lead to him attracting the attention of Vince Lovegrove, who was known for hunting musically gifted folk to collaborate with. After all, you had to sink or swim, especially in those days… and Vince fancied Steve to be a fine swimmer. At first, Vince supported Steve from afar, but eventually, along with Peter Head, formed the Mount Lofty Rangers with Steve and Bon Scott. The rest is history.

Unfortunately, Steve passed away in January 2018. We are fortunate to have gotten the chance to interview him for the Looking For Bon project before he left us. His story is an uplifting one, and to hear him speak of figures like Bon Scott and Silver Smith is a great way to remember him and the bonds that he shared with them, and all others who have not yet passed on.