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Silver Smith – Bio

Silver Smith (formerly known as Margaret Smith) was a popular rocker chick, model, and groupie to Bon Scott. She was living with Bon at the time of his death, and was a friend of the Rolling Stones – she was no stranger to rubbing shoulders with rock and roll giants.

Silver lived with Bon in London from 1976-1977. They were in a relationship, and her presence in his life inspired AC/DC’s classics “Gimme A Bullet” and “Gone Shootin'”. They lived in both the UK and Australia, and went touring in the USA together, before separating on Silver’s request due to tensions in their relationship.

Silver recalls from their time spent living together that Bon was very domesticated, and enjoyed living in a really clean place. He was very regular with his hygiene, contrary to the wild and unkempt rocker image most people would assume Bon to take into his personal life. Bon also supported Silver with her drug problem while they were together, and she soon kicked the habit.

We were lucky to get an interview with Silver, as she has since passed away. We are privileged that we can immortalise her in her words about Bon, available in her full interview in Looking For Bon.