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Shirley Smith – Bio

Shirley Smith is a singer from Perth who came over to Adelaide with the Valentines, one of Bon’s first groups. During her own band’s sets, The Valentines ended up supporting them, which she remembers fondly to this day. She’s had a long history in the music industry, starting in 1967 in an act with her brother John, as the Same Day Twins. The Twins won the Festival of Perth Talent Quest, and catapulted into stardom, appearing across various TV networks, and supporting local and international acts of much renown.

Shirley would not work with the Twins forever. She has written, performed and sang for many bands throughout her career along with her brother, including A2Z Reggae, and many concerts and performances. She has contributed to the “Women At Work” compilation album, an incredibly important feminist effort out of Western Australia. She is a part of the WAM Hall of Fame and the “Rock’n’Roll Of Renown” of WA, and even served as Secretary of the Musician’s Union for Sydney for four years. Currently she performs with Peter Head’s ensemble, and her wide range of experiences across the music and entertainment industries leaves her with a wealth of knowledge when commenting on the life and times of Bon Scott.