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Rob “Ralph” Booth – Bio

Rob Booth was one of Bon Scott’s roadies. He earned the nickname “Ralph” back in the Fraternity days, due to the tendency for his equipment to be set up and look stable enough, but then immediately collapse in upon itself. The name “Ralph” was an allusion to the wolf character from Looney Tunes by the same name. In the cartoons, Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog would clock in as if they were just doing their jobs, and Ralph would then proceed to try to capture sheep, and invariably fail, either as Sam caught him and mercilessly punished him, or due to his own incompetence, as was allegedly the case with Rob’s imploding setups. The Fraternity boys gave Rob the nickname of Ralph, and that stuck through to the AC/DC days.

Rob was good mates with Bon, and worked five years with Fraternity and five years with AC/DC. Before he joined up with Bon, Rob worked for a band called Coloured Rain, then he bumped into the Valentines during the event. The rest is history!