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Maureen Henderson – Bio

Maureen was Bon Scott’s first girlfriend back when he was a teenager, which undoubtedly would make her a witness to some of the wildest times from throughout the rockstar’s life! Second eldest of the nine North Fremantle Henderson siblings, Maureen was like a part of Bon’s family, and this closeness started all the way back in the early days.

Bon, Maureen, and the group would do just what you’d expect kids to do. Swimming in the swan river, nicking petrol with Maureen covering their backs, and attending Port Road Stomp. Maureen was also a witness to the beginnings of the dream that Bon would pursue for the rest of his life: to be a singer in a rock and roll band, despite others telling him not to bother… including Scott’s mother.

The fires of rebellion would begin within Bon from childhood, with his family history stoking them all the further: the Scott clan supported Robert the Bruce, an historical figure who was condemned by the Pope, as were his followers. This spark grew into a blaze, which would burn brighter and brighter as Bon entered the world of rock. Maureen would see Scott get his ear pierced and get his first tattoo, the words “Death Before Dishonour” just above his pubis. She would see the agony the healing of this tattoo would cause, with Bon unable to wear his usual tight jeans for weeks. She would see him get on the wrong side of the law, she would see him leading teen gangs… but of course, she would see a side of him that the hype-focused media wasn’t interested in, and that was Bon the man, Bon the intellectual, Bon the charismatic and humble. One of the most sincere windows into the subtle parts of someone’s personality is a childhood friend’s account, and Maureen has plenty of interesting tales to tell about Bon in this regard.