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Mary Renshaw – Bio

Mary Renshaw is known as Bon Scott’s “soulmate” by those who were close to him. Currently a fashion designer residing in Melbourne, Mary met Bon as a teenager, during a 1967 Valentines performance. The story goes that Bon approached Mary, complimenting her beads and inquiring if he could have some made. From that moment onward, the two were fast friends, and would eventually enter into a relationship. Bon and Mary’s romantic relationship would prove to be the last one Bon would have before he passed away.

First impressions between the pair were promising, as Mary returned not only with the requested beads, but also many other trinkets and items of jewellery. She would become a regular attendee at Valentines performances, assisting Bon with an asthma attack once, and checking out the home base of all the other performers such as Vince Lovegrove. The good times continued as the fame continued to rise. Throughout Bon’s time with AC/DC, Mary was there and ready to celebrate his success, eagerly reading his letters from overseas tours containing elated accounts of how many people loved the band.

Ever-supportive and ever-close with Bon, Mary was one of the people who knew inside and out who Bon was, his human blemishes and his little quirks, the stuff that gets glossed over by the glitzy image of the wild rocker on-stage. To this day, she attends Bonfest, and along with Mark Evans, was there to unveil Bon’s bronze life-size statue in the town of Kirriemuir! The statue remains a central piece and place of congregation for Bonfest every year, and it stands partially as a reminder of Mary’s dedication to her lifelong friend. She misses him every day.