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Mark Evans – Bio

Mark Evans used to play bass for AC/DC, and he also has skills as a drummer. He joined at age 19 back in 1975, and only spent a short amount of time with them, but he cherishes the memories he spent with them – after all, they were alongside the legendary Bon Scott, and they were part of the formative years of the iconic band, the fledgling years that will leave an impact for decades to come. Mark was able to burn brightly with the hardworking band across their world tours, and live the true akka dakka dream before he left the band.

Mark adores guitars and drums, but can’t stand any keyboards or classical music. He’s had this preference ever since he saw Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock” movie, and it led him to getting the job with the band on one lucky Saturday afternoon when he was just playing some pool! He took a High Voltage record home to listen to, in order to prep himself for his pending new position, and was blown away at how loud the band’s sound was. Of course, we know that he could dig it in the end, and would go on to make some treasured memories with Bon up on stage.

Later in his life, Mark wrote a book – “Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside AC/DC”, which describes all you need to know in the title alone. It’s a frank and objective look at the role that he played in the band, where the band went in his absence, and of course, Bon Scott. He’s also still managed to keep his foot in the door of the rock industry at large: we caught him at a concert for the band Airbourne, where they were playing AC/DC covers, and Mark had been playing alongside them for that event. It’s clear that joining AC/DC changed the course of Mark’s life forever, and his bass and drum skills pulled in the crowds for AC/DC as well! The amount of memories he has of this golden period in his life and the subsequent years, as well as both Bon the Man and Bon the Rocker, are a treat to listen to.