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Maria Van Vlijmen – Bio

In the early days of Bon Scott’s career, he drummed in a band called the Spektors out of North Fremantle, frequenting the Medina Youth Club. At a gig in the Police Boys & Citizens Club, Maria would witness the band playing, and also unknowingly come face to face with her next boyfriend. Maria would become Bon Scott’s first serious love interest, so serious that Bon would always carry a picture of the pair of them on his person!

Maria wasn’t the typical party girl you might expect to end up with a guy like Bon Scott. She was Catholic, straight edge, and wished to remain a virgin until marriage. At the very most, they would only kiss. Despite this, their relationship was pretty unusual in a few ways, the least of which is that Bon Scott, the madlad known for being a fair bit of a womaniser, didn’t push his luck with getting physical with Maria at all! Maria also happened to be dating 15 year old bass player Brian Gannon at the same time, which apparently Bon was more or less fine with, albeit with some tension involved. At the time, Maria didn’t know of Brian’s age. Maria would kiss both of them and hold their hands at the same time, but never sleep with either of them. Meanwhile, Bon was running with groups who would gang bang on the regular, also a fact beyond Maria’s knowledge.

Eventually Gannon and Maria would split, and circumstances in Maria’s work life would align as such that her and Bon could spend more time together. Societal backgrounds clashed, with Bon’s friends finding Maria prudish, and Maria’s parents seeing Bon as a delinquent. All the same, the pair would spend simple dates together, watching TV, getting fish and chips, and attending the Spektors’ gigs and rehearsals together.

The pair would grow very close during the Valentines era, moving in together in Melbourne, all the way from Perth. However, it turned out it wasn’t to be. While Bon did eventually propose to Maria, his tour-heavy rock and roll lifestyle proved too strenuous to maintain a relationship. There was a rule against girlfriends attending gigs as Bon moved onto more serious venues, which raised tension. Some cat-and-mouse chasing preceded this, with Maria contesting against Bon’s quest for stardom, attempting to lure him back, but she had to be careful that she didn’t play too hard to get, lest Bon’s wandering eye be attracted to a dancer also vying for his affections by the name of Lyn. These tricky interactions combined with an overall lack of time as well as conflicting interests in the careers of Bon and Maria, and ultimately spelled the end for their romance completely.

Despite separating, Bon and Maria remained close friends until Bon’s death, and Maria is able to provide a unique and personal perspective of Bon’s formative musical experiences, those of course being his time with the Spektors and the Valentines.