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Leone Furler – Bio

Leone Furler is a respected creative figure from Adelaide. An artist through and through, she immortalised her friendship with Bon Scott by creating plaster casts of his feet and those of several others!

When she wasn’t engaging with sculpting, she was expressing her art through song: she sang backup vocals on Bon’s hidden gem of an early release, “Round And Round And Round.”

Leone is not only an artist within her own right, but is also the mother of Sia Furler, one of Australia’s top songwriters and winner/nominee of several awards. Loene was also married to Vytas Serelis: renowned photographer and another close friend of Bon’s. She is currently married to Phil Colson. Loene is clearly no stranger to creative talent, and the stories she has to tell about Bon Scott are told through the lens of one who truly appreciates art!