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Keith Brice – Bio

Keith Brice was one of Bon’s childhood friends, and both him and his childhood-sweetheart-turned-life-partner Elizabeth Brice knew him from the North Fremantle halcyon days. Keith was one of Bon’s classmates and teammates, playing Aussie Rules footy in the under sixteens division. If there’s something always occupying the minds of rural Australian schoolkids, it’s football, and Bon and Keith were no different in that regard!

The two lads were as thick as thieves, making their own heavy surfboards from wood. In case that’s not enough Australiana for you, they made trailers to carry the surfboards behind their pushbikes by repurposing old prams, and rode down to the local beaches together. You can imagine for a couple of kids it’d probably be hard to ride them uphill afterwards, especially after a day of playing around in the sun and the surf. But Bon and Keith were rugby kids, they were candles burning at both ends, and they lived for that kind of experience, all the ups and downs and glory, even on a small scale like that. As we know, the scale would up the ante later, and the glory would be plentiful in the future… Keith has the privileged position of witnessing all this from the beginning, in real-time. Those seeds of rebellion would of course sprout and grow into the legendary AC/DC frontman, Bon Scott.