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John “Robbo” Robinson – Bio

Blackfeather are an Australian band , and their original guitarist, founding member, and frontman was John Robinson. He played with the band from April 1970 to August 1971, and was the co-song writer of “Seasons of Change”. The band worked directly with Sweet Peach records, which was also known to work with the likes of Fraternity, The Levi Smiths Clefs, and Headband, making the Aus Rock scene of this era a tightly-knit web. This is further demonstrated when considering that people like John Swan AKA Swanee served as vocalist of Blackfeather in 1977! Robbo was one of the people leading the charge in this free-for-all era, and remains one of Australia’s most respected and known guitarists from the past few decades. He’s also known for his skill with music composition.

The much beloved track “Seasons of Change” was also covered directly by Fraternity, to much acclaim. Fraternity and Blackfeather were in competition but they, much like Headband, were also on friendly terms with each other. Robbo has witnessed Bon’s early years in the music scene, and his widely-celebrated skill with a guitar gives him an informed perspective about Bon Scott’s rise to stardom, and how it affected Robbo’s own work with Blackfeather and his other bands.