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John Freeman – Bio

John Freeman spent one year with the the Levi Smiths Clefs, and then left them in 1970. He joined Fraternity as their drummer, and showed Australia who could drum out the best rhythms. He played with Fraternity from 1971-1973, then again in 1974, and occasionally playing again until 1981. All in all, John spent 5 years with Bon, and was also part of the Mount Lofty Rangers in 1974, so his insights into Bon’s personality are full of interesting stories.

Back in those days, one could live like royalty on $30 per week, but John says that Bon would spend any money he got the moment he got it, refusing to let it burn a hole in his pocket. Bon was known to pay for the drinks of entire bars so as to please the patrons, says John Freeman. Money meant very little to him, and Fraternity didn’t actually spend much on themselves. From this, we can gather that life for Fraternity was all about living in the moment. He’s got plenty of other tales to tell about Fraternity and Bon, and is ready to sate the curiosity of any rock fan out there!