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John D’Arcy – Bio

A celebrated rocker like Bon Scott has to have an equally celebrated roadie! John D’Arcy, sometimes known just as “The Roadie”, is a legendary Australian roadie, who is mainly known by the moniker of Darcy, or Darce. Notorious for his wild presence at band parties, Darcy fit right in as the roadie for the Valentines. Taking his loyalty to Bon from his first ever band all the way to stardom with AC/DC, Darcy also worked with heavy hitters such as Leo Sayer and Healing Force. Darcy’s character helped set the groundwork for the kind of rebellious aesthetic that Bon Scott would later live by. After all, the company which the rockstar kept says a lot about him!

Jim Keays of The Masters Apprentices has been quoted saying that Darcy was in the thick of supporting Bon and his bands from the very beginning, grinning away, holding both a spanner and a joint, ready to work. That old adage about “never working a day in your life” if you find your work fun to do applies very strongly here. As fans of Bon Scott will know, that kind of swagger and skill isn’t far from the attitude of the man himself, explaining why the pair got along so well in their journey to the top! If you’re at all familiar with classic Australian rock music and someone mentions roadies, there’s usually one face at the top of your list, and that’s Darcy.