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John Carlini – Bio

John Carlini is one of Adelaide’s most celebrated bass players and singers. He was a friend of Bon Scott’s and he ran with several bands, including the Mount Lofty Rangers and the James Wright Band. The latter group topped the charts in 1970 with their popular single, “Louise”. Carlini has played alongside legends of the music industry, such as John Farnham, Headband, The Levi Smiths Clefs, and John Swan AKA Swanee.

The first time John Carlini heard Bon Scott sing was when the latter was still with the Valentines. He fondly recalls the times he saw Bon happy, and theorises that if Bon were still alive, he would still be singing with AC/DC to this day, or he would be retired: there would be no in-between. Carlini had the privilege of witnessing the passion and joy that Bon lived his life with, firsthand. He has heard of Bon’s rougher side, but says that he only saw Bon as a gentle soul, happy sober and happy drunk, just living to the fullest no matter what. His perspective of Bon Scott is a refreshing one, which celebrates his joyous nature rather than zooming in on his flaws and faults.