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Joff Bateman – Bio

Joff Bateman was Headband’s drummer, but rhythm is far from his only skill. His first instrument was a harmonica, and he also sang the lead on “A Song for Tooley”, the band’s debut 1973 album and one of their greatest hits. This would lay the foundation for AC/DC, and would prove a critical part of Bon Scott’s formative years in music, as Bon’s band Fraternity were famous rivals of Headband.

“A Song for Tooley” featured album artwork by internationally renowned Adelaide artist Vytas Šerelis. By the early 1990s, the original vinyl pressing of “A Song for Tooley” became a collector’s item for psychedelic and progressive rock fans, as was the case with many of Sweet Peach’s original vintage releases. It, like Joff himself, is an irreplaceable piece of rock history. His nostalgic recollections of his time with Headband and Bon that he shares with bandmate Peter Head are certain to paint a more complete picture of Bon for anyone keen to learn where it all began.