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Irene Thornton – Bio

Irene Thornton was married to Bon Scott from 1972 to 1978. The two of them met at a party which was as wild as you might expect of Bon Scott: girls, drugs, and alcohol everywhere. Irene was with Bon before he made it into AC/DC during the Fraternity days, and when Bon became noticed by AC/DC, the transition from average joe to superstar was so abrupt that Irene found it a struggle to keep up. Meanwhile Bon seized every opportunity with full gusto. Miscommunications and clashing priorities drove a wedge between Irene and Bon, as the rockstar chased his dream of glory relentlessly. The pair separated due to financial and emotional stress.

Ever since, Irene remained a loyal friend to Bon even after she remarried. She has written several books on her time with Bon, and told her side of the story. Every year, the Bon Scott festival BonFest is held in his home of Kirriemuir, and Irene makes it her business to attend frequently. Otherwise, she lives a peaceful life in Melbourne with her family. Still, after all these years, if anyone knew Bon Scott – the ins and outs, the good and bad, the nuances and complex ideas that composed him as a person: it would be Irene.