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Gabby D’Arcy – Bio

Gabby D’Arcy was a lifelong friend of Bon Scott. Way back when Bon was the frontman for The Valentines in 1969, Gabby was one of the band’s most devoted fans and became fast friends with its members. She was only 14 at the time, but throughout the band’s ups and downs, she was there cheering them on and loving their music to bits.

Two years after discovering them, Gabby started a relationship with the band’s roadie, John D’Arcy. She was only 16 at the time, and couldn’t have known that she would eventually take his name and become his wife, staying together with him for over half a century and having two children, Rebecca and Matt! To this day, their bond together is strong. Not only that, but Matt is the drummer in the band Rival Fire, a group featuring Rob Farnham as their frontman. Sometimes, love between teens is meant to last forever, and rock royalty continues its lineage both on-stage and off.

Gabby was also very close with Bon Scott, having left this heartfelt tribute on the official Bon Scott website in 2021:

“1969…14 years old, mad about a band called The Valentines! And their roadie!

Two frontmen the band. One would be known as one of the best in the world: Bon Scott. Bon loved the stage, he owned the stage! So excited for the fans to have this dedicated site to keep our mate right where he belongs: on top of the world stage. Well done to the Scott Family… miss our old mate. Wish you were here to enjoy good times with us.