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With more than 25 years of experience in film, television and entertainment related, Michael Slifkin is a founder partner of the Archstone Entertainment, including Archstone Distribution (worldwide sales and distribution company
with nearly 100 titles), Tombstone Distribution (genre specific distribution/sales), Archstone North America and theatrical distributor), Archstone (content production company) and The Stone Group (entertainment financing company).

He has extensive experience of physical production, project financing, project acquisition, preparation and, budget preparation and supervision, project/packaging, management and supervision, business and the development of corporate strategic alliances and business. He has a thorough understanding of all of production.

Prior history includes extensive work with numerous well known and respected individuals organizations including: Cameron, Gale Anne Hurd, Rob Reiner, Band, Sandy Howard, DeLaurentis Entertainment, Hemdale Film, Orion Pictures, Century Fox, MGM/UA, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Columbia Tri-Star, Universal Pictures, Pictures, Mega, Warner Brothers, Grindstone, New Line many others.

His recent completed feature film projects include: Battle Force (producer/line producer) in the past few months wrapped principle photography on their next feature film projects, P-51 Dragon Fighter, Awaken and Out of the Burning Blue.

He is currently in final development and pre-production on multiple feature film, including Slay Ride (action/comedy/thriller), The Devil’s Hope and Iceland (action/adventure/sci-fi).